This Ensoniq ASR-10 rack had a few serious issues.
First, one of the transformers ( there are 2 in there ) was simply blown or
" burnt through", resulting in a useless power supply. Moreover, there was a serious 
short-circuit on the analog board due to a failed capacitor. This 
short-circuit, in turn, caused other components to be damaged or destroyed.
Luckily, amongst those, no hard to find or obsolete parts, which is often
the case with vintage synthesizers or samplers ( this instrument originated
30 years ago, an awful long time in electronics...).
The burnt transformer was more of a problem: it is from the Signal brand and is
not available any more. I contacted Signal and got friendly and useful replies
from a Mr. Anthony K. ( thank you sir ) at Signal,  saying that this transformer was
a custom one, a modified version of one of their catalog items.
No drop-in replacement available.
With a component like this, it is not only the electrical values that matter,
but it has to fit into the whole assembly, and the space here is limited.
So, I turned to several user groups and got help from a very nice guy in Asia.
Unfortunately, I can't find find the messages any more, so I cannot name
and thank him properly here....
Anyway, this man directed me to a replacement transformer that I was able to fit
with some minor alterations. Here are some pictures.
The Ensoniq ASR-10 runs very hot. It has a complex power supply system,
and the heat doesn't get dissipated very well. Most of the problems that
occur with this great sounding beast, are a result of overheating.

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